We now ship within Europe

We are excited to announce L’Heure Luxe will now also ship from within Europe!

Prior to today we held all of our stock and shipped from within the USA.  From today orders within the EU will ship from our new facility in The Netherlands.

Our customers and the service we provide is at the heart of what do. Switzerland is not an EU country and so it has made more sense for us to hold stock within our largest market, the United States.

Having worked with and ordered from other micro brands we fully understand this has also been a pain point for the consumer. Domestic shipments show the full price at checkout, whereas international shipments may then also be subject to local taxes and duties importing into the various countries.

Our new location within Europe means customers do not pay any additional charges or fees, what you are show at checkout is the full and final price. (Same as the USA)

This also allows us to bring down shipping times for European orders to just 1-3 days! … and yes, still offer free shipping and returns.

This is a big milestone for the company, not only we we want to offer the best products possible, but also the best customer experience. As a new company we are always trying to improve and believe this is a big step for both us as a business and our customers within EU countries.

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