The Classic Chrono – Reviewed by Watchaddict

“Everything is pretty much on point. It’s a new brand. They’re just coming out with this model. They’re doing a pretty good job so far”. 

Review of our Classic Chrono by Watchaddict

Video Transcript 

Hey, guys. Welcome back to the channel. Today, I have a watch from Switzerland from a brand called LHeure Luxe. It’s a chronograph watch. This is their classic chronograph watch and we’re going to take a look at it today. Before we get started, let’s do a quick wrist watch check. I am wearing a Omega Planet Ocean. A pretty cool watch, you can check out my channel for the full review of that one.

Anyway, let’s get into this model right here. So, here it is. It’s quite a nice looking watch in terms of style and design. Definitely has a lot going for it in that direction. Let’s take a closer look at the watch. As you can see, now, this is a chronograph watch. It is labelled Swiss Made. Now, this watch is actually produced and assembled by hand in Switzerland in the Solothurn area. A lot of you here are familiar with that area and, yes, it’s a pretty nice looking watch.

Now, it is a quartz chronograph but it does have a Swiss quartz chronograph movement. It is running the ETA G10.211 Swiss chronograph movement and it’s a very reliable movement plus a couple of seconds a month. You know the deal, it runs on a battery. It’s extremely accurate, it’s not going to fail you. Now, let’s get through some basic dimensions here guys. In terms of diameter, we are looking at a 41 millimeter diameter case which is quite nice. It’s quite a nice size for a modern chronograph in my honest opinion. In terms of thickness, we are looking at 10 millimeters which is really not that thick. As you can see, we have brushed sides on this case right here. Sides of the bracelet are brushed as well. The only polished areas are the center links on the bracelet and the pushers as well.

Now, we do have applied Arabic numerals going around the dial as you see. We do have loomed hands which is nice. We also have a date aperture over at the four o’clock position which takes the place of four. We have a tacky meter on the chapter ring here. Nice printed logo of their brand, very Swiss. As you can see, we have the red and then the Swiss symbol, very nice there. Nice rounded polished pushers as you can see here. Crown is pull and push. We do only get 50 meters of water resistance on this timepiece. It’s a chronograph, it’s not something to take underwater, or anything like that. Most chronographs, you really can’t take underwater unless it’s a diving chronograph.

Anyway, we do have some loom markers as well on the dial which is quite nice that they added that in. As you can see, we have one at the six o’clock, one at the ten o’clock, and one at the two o’clock which helps to see at night as well. The watch is pretty well built, you can feel it. I believe the price point for this watch is US$469. Now, you guys have to realize that it costs a lot more to produce and assemble stuff in Switzerland than it does in the Far East. Now, maybe in Asia you can get something like this made for a lot cheaper but if you want that Swiss Made label and Swiss Made products, it’s going to be a little more expensive. But you do get better quality control. I’m not saying everywhere in Switzerland but this watch has definitely had pretty good quality control and thorough checking as it really works quite well.

Anyway, getting off topic. We do have a K1 mineral crystal on this watch which has a sapphire coating on it. In terms of lug width, we are looking at 20 millimeters. Now, we do have a one-tenth second subdial on this chronograph. We also do have here running seconds right above the six o’clock position. We also do have your thirty minutes over here for the countdown of the chronograph.

I’m going to go ahead and start the chronograph. It’s really snappy and this is one of the snappiest chronograph movements- quartz chronograph movements I’ve handled and it’s just really precise. You’ll see when I go to reset it. There it goes, as you can see there’s the one-tenth second. I’m going to stop it and you’ll see how snappy this thing is. It just flies back super quick. Everything resets super fast. I really do like that.

Now, we can also measure elapsed time on this movement. I started it again. I’m going to stop it with the bottom one, wait a couple of seconds. As you see, it’s going to pick up where it should have been which is quite nice. Very nice snappy, very well-built Swiss Quartz chronograph movement this ETA movement is. Now, the crown functioning, very simple. First position, obviously, we’re going to be able to change that date. Nice quick set date here. Everything fits in really nicely as you can see. Very good there.

Now, the final position is your time set. I do have to say the time set is very nice. It’s very smooth. It doesn’t go too fast when you move it which I do like. Definitely show signs of quality there, just perfect. Push that back in. Nice and solid click. Let’s go to the bracelet. Well, the bracelet is completely solid. We do not have solid end links. We’ll get more into that but we do have a polished center link. The bracelet is one of the strong points on this watch in my honest opinion in terms of the whole design and style and look of the watch as well. The bracelet is really substantial. It has some nice weight to it. It’s solid. It’s really fluid. Fits nice on the wrist.

We are using the pin system here. There are no screws on this. We do have a nice clasp here which is signed with a two button release. As you see, we do have a nice milled clasp here which is very nice. Nice solid click, feels secure. We do get three micro adjustments as well. Just an all-around well-built bracelet. That’s one thing I really noticed when I picked this watch up for the first time. I really noticed the bracelet, it felt really high-end and really nice and I really like that. Some other stuff about this watch, let’s go to the case back and see what that’s all about.

Going to the case back, we do have their logo as you can see. I still have the plastic on there. It is completely polished. Does say Chronograph Swiss Made and all stainless steel. You get a nice Luxe which is matted, their logo as well. Yes, all around, it’s a pretty well-built chronograph. A good everyday watch in my opinion.

Some other stuff, this is the white dial version. Now, there are a couple different variations of this model. I believe it only has one line of watches. Since this is a new brand and it does come with a five-year warranty which is pretty nice as well. Free shipping I believe. Also, free returns on shipping if you want to return the watch in the 30-day period, he offers which is pretty good for the customer.

Now, I want to go ahead and get you guys a loom shot. Keep in mind this is a chronograph. This is not a diving watch. We don’t have that much loom. As you can see, just the tips of the hands are loomed. These small markers over here but I’m going to get you a loom shot anyway. I’ll be right back. As you see, the loom on the hands is super bright. It even lights up the dial. Definitely pretty good for a chronograph in my opinion. As you see, guys, it’s really blindingly bright.

Now, here’s the watch guys on my 6.25 inch wrist. Fits just end-to-end as you can see. Everything fits pretty nicely. Definitely looks pretty classy but a little sporty in my opinion. Great everyday wear. It’s definitely really comfortable. It’s not overly heavy. It fits correct on the wrist. The lugs are not too big. It wears really like a straight 40 millimeter timepiece. Yes, I think it looks quite good here on my 6.25 inch wrist.

In conclusion, guys, all around it’s a very well-put-together timepiece. Everything is there really for the price in my opinion. It is Swiss Made so you are going to pay a little more than something that was produced mainly in Far East as I was stating earlier. You do get that extra bit of quality and precision. There are no issues like alignment issues and stuff like that.

Now, the quality control is definitely pretty good on this timepiece especially for a brand new brand that’s just hitting the market. Now, also, the bracelet is solid. One little thing maybe would be, maybe to add some solid end links on the bracelet to really get that full experience plus the bracelet is really nice but they should just add some solid end links and they would be good to go.

Everything else is pretty much on point. It’s a new brand. They’re just coming out with this model. They’re doing a pretty good job so far. Definitely looking forward to the future to see what this brand might release. Now, if you want to check out their website, I will leave the link in the description below. You can go over there and check them out to see some more information on their brand, some of their other variations of this exact model right here. That’s pretty much going to be it for today, guys. All around a pretty nice time piece. Hope you guys enjoyed the video. Definitely subscribe to the channel. Let me know what you think of this watch in the comment section below. I love chatting with you, guys, and definitely some cool watches coming, guys. So, definitely say tuned. I’ll catch you in the next one. Thanks for watching. Bye.

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