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When we set out to start this company our goal was to offer unrivalled value – The best watches we could produce, at a price point focused on consumer value, with as many online (direct to consumer) perks as possible.

Being watch fans ourselves and having experience in the industry we felt much could be improved and set out to be the company that offered a higher quality of product at a fair price with the great customer service you expect from an online / ECommerce first brand.

We’ve since been labelled ‘luxury without the markup’, however a business requires a certain amount of profit (a margin) to function and grow. Finding the balance and understanding our model in all its details has taken us some time. That being said we have learnt an awful lot which can only help us as the business grows.

L’Heure Luxe was founded in July 2017, in the UK, which was not ideal. Possibly the worse time in the last 5 years to do so, especially with a business operating globally, dealing in multiple currencies. Our currency (GBP) has lowered significantly in its value against all other currencies we deal in.  Our watches are hand made in Solothurn, Switzerland, our distribution in the USA, and last month we set up another distribution centre in The Netherlands – for European orders. Additionally a failing (high street) retail sector has knocked any confidence for the commercial banks to lend to any new businesses in this industry.

At the start of the year we re-negotiated our production costs, saving a few percent by increasing our production quantities. Also opening up a distribution centre in Europe has meant a lower average shipping cost on our orders.

As a brand we have been nervous to do this, but today we have decided to take the risk – A leap of faith really (with Brexit STILL an unknown).

Today we have reduced our prices to reflect our companies savings and new costs

New prices don’t just reflect these savings but are an aggressive take on them in the hope the move will continue our sales growth, and with a bit of luck our costs will further improve, thus making these prices more sustainable in the long term.  This was genuinely a difficult decision to make, but the reasons for starting the company combined with our promise to offer the best possible value to our customers is what gave us a sense that this is the right thing to do. We can not say these new prices will remain forever, as stated we are a business and we do indeed need to make some money. However, what we can do is say that these new prices will not go any lower in the near to long term. These prices really are the best that we can offer. We hope they will encourage sales and show we truly care about and do our best for our customers.

Our target for the Classic Chrono has always been to one day be sub £300 and sub $400 which we can now say they are.

Affordable Swiss Made Watches? You decide….

Our watches now start at just £289!

Produced and assembled by hand in Solothurn, Switzerland 

We offer free shipping worldwide and free returns

We offer INTEREST FREE monthly payment plans – up to 12 months

Our watches also come with an impressive 5 year warranty

AND last month we started our multi-buy discount (20% off) – automatically added at checkout for 2 or more watches

The last three listed above we’ve added (and improved on) over the last 18 months of business. We will continue to look at new an innovative ways to improve our products, our business, and our offering. A business simply does not exist without its customers and so you will always remain our top priority and we thank you for supporting our brand.

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