Monthly Payments

We are excited to announce that today our watches even more affordable.

When we set out to create L’Heure Luxe first and foremost we wanted to produce watches that we wanted for ourselves. Timeless Styles, high quality materials and craftsmanship, and most importantly to offer them at more affordable prices. L’Heure Luxe mixes traditional, premium Swiss watchmaking with the modern day services you expect from an online brand.

Online is at he heart of what we do and strive to offer the best experience to our customers. We started with free shipping and returns, we then backed our product offering an impressive 5 year warranty over the original 2 years, now we are proud to offer monthly payment plans to our customers… But we didn’t just stop there, we are very pleased to offer these new monthly payments plans at an amazing 0% interest rate.

We are currently testing this new payment option with 3 and 6 month plans. Potentially we will offer custom plans (up to 12 months) in the near future.

How it works

  1. The entire amount is held in reserve on your credit card to ensure payment, the card is only
    charged for the 1st month’s installment. No Charges apply to the held amount.
  2. Monthly payment will be charged monthly to your credit card. The credit line hold will be
    reduced monthly by the same amount.
  3. The Credit Card bill will only show the monthly payment, the remaining amount on hold
    will not show up as a debt. The revolving credit interest only includes actual charged amounts.

To be eligible all you need is the following:

  • VISA or MasterCard credit card
  • Have the entire amount of your purchase available on your card.

Example payment structure

Product Price Month #1 Month #2 Month #3
$300 $100 Paid $100 Paid $100 Paid
$200 Held $100 Held $0 Held

At checkout select ‘INTEREST FREE Monthly Payments’

Follow the instruction and select either 3 or 6 month payment plans. (The monthly amount will be provided)

The first payment will be charged instantly. The remaining balance is split between the remaining months.

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